Product Description

The saXholder works well with Bassoon and Bass Clarinet as well as all Saxophones.

The traditional sax harness transfers the whole weight of the instrument to the neck. By the time many performers complain of chronic neck pain, there may even be damage to the cervical spine. saXholder is a new, patented three-point support system. The whole weight of the sax is transferred onto the two padded shoulder handles with assistance from the abdominal rest.


  • transfers the entire weight evenly to both shoulders, no stress on the neck
  • can be put on by one hand in seconds
  • saves space, smaller than a sheet of paper when folded; fits in the tenor sax bell
  • is very comfortable when sitting or standing, since it does not slip away
  • looks great, especially designed for both men and women performers
  • is a high-tech product that uses aircraft and space travel materials: made of Kevlar ® and aircraft aluminum.
  • can be set quickly and easily: swing both shoulder handles up, pull out the telescopic slide, rotate the abdominal rest, ready.
  • is developed in Switzerland
  • is made in the European Community
  • patents pending worldwide 
  • Hi Mark
    I have been using my SAXHOLDER
    for the past couple of months now and I love it. I have no more neck pain of any kind playing my tenor or alto for that matter.  The horn feels light as a feather.  Thank you for your prompt service. Now I don't have any excuses why I don't practice!!
    I'm on the forum with Saxgourmet and people are getting the message about the SAXHOLDER. 
    Take care, and I will steer anyone who wants a SAXHOLDER to your direction.
    Have a great day!!