Win-D-Fender, "The Original Wind Guard for Flute" - NOW AVAILABLE!

Now Available!

Win-D-Fender, "The Original Wind Guard for Flute", the answer to a problem that has affected flute players for centuries-wind silences the flute.

-shields the lip plate, allowing flute to be played in windy environments with no distortion to the tone

-creates a reflective sound mirror so players may hear themselves better in all playing conditions

-attaches and removes quickly, easily, and safely with spring clip design

-soft neoprene over mold at all contact points protects the surface of the flute

-sleek and lightweight; weighs about one ounce

-accommodates a lapel style clip mic which may be attached to the outside of the Win-D-Fender, or inserted inside the shield

-includes velvet drawstring pouch

$59.95 $45.00